Technical Advisory Committee

A Wonderful Resource, Our Technical Advisory Committee

The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is a standing committee of the Southern Rockies Seed Network (SRSN).  Our members include a broad range of respected professionals across the Front Range of Colorado and Southern Wyoming.  Members include professionals from both the public (local, state and federal government agencies as well as Colorado State University and the University of Wyoming)  and the private sector (seed companies, restoration and conservation businesses and more).

The primary purpose of the TAC is to acquire, develop, and disseminate information necessary and otherwise provide technical advice to the SRSN Board of Directors. The Committee serves in an advisory role to help facilitate the Board’s charge to improve the region’s ability to increase the quantity and diversity of native ecotypic plant materials for ecological restoration.

Our Mission,
“To improve the knowledge base of the Southern Rockies Seed Network and our partners, with the purpose of improving our collective ability to expand the quantity and diversity of ecotypic plant material in the Southern Rockies Ecoregion as well as the Northwest Great Plains Ecoregion.”
TAC’s Programmatic Focus:

The primary purpose is to develop technical guidance for SRSN actions and includes:

  • Reviewing and revising technical protocols considering agency and industry guidelines.
  • Coordinating protocols with other seed networks whenever feasible, such as:
  • Integrate appropriate objectives established in the National Seed Strategy for Rehabilitation and Restoration 2015-2020
  • Integrate appropriate BLM Seed of Success protocols for seed harvesting and other seed collection activities.
  • Acquiring, developing and disseminating production guidelines and providing other technical assistance to new plant materials growers and suppliers.
  • Guiding TAC research needs and direct the implementation of that research necessary to improve our knowledge related to ecotypic plant materials development. Examples include genetic research and common garden trials.
  • Developing ecologically and economically viable seed transfer zones within our ecoregion.
  • Recruiting and selecting new TAC members.

Our Work:

Coming soon: Lists of priority native plant species for our region, organized by use/need and priority.  If you would like to subscribe to updates for these native plant lists, contact us.





We are working on creating species of interest lists that will include: grasses, forbs and shrubs, and give specific information on collection, seed transfer zones, ecological recovery zones, cleaning  and growing protocols, where to buy seeds, how to submit interest in pooled demand for specific species.

Native Plant Materials Research & Resources:

                          Plant Materials Yellow Pages
National Seed Strategy



National Seed Strategy Progress Report


Interested in becoming a member?

Eligibility is open to the broader stakeholder body of the SRSN. Contact us for membership inquiries!