Plant Materials Development – SRSN

The primary program of the Southern Rockies Seed Network is to increase the quality and quantity of native ecotypic plant materials available for ecological restoration and similar conservation work in Colorado and Wyoming. Our work includes improving consistency and quantity in demand (pooled demand among many partners), enhancing the capacity to produce ecotypic plant materials in our region, collaborative research, and facilitating the production/increase of seed and container stock.  The link below outlines important strategies of SRSN:

The Southern Rockies Seed Network Operational Plan


Ecological Restoration Training Program

In collaboration with community partners such as Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado, the Colorado Fourteeners Initiative, City of Boulder, and others, SRSN develops and hosts trainings and workshops in ecological restoration, plant materials harvesting, and related activities.  If you would like to schedule a training with us, and for more details, please contact John Giordanengo at 970-420-7346,

An example of a few of our training materials include:

14er Alpine Restoration Manual

Willow and Cottonwood Restoration Guide

Field Guide to Erosion Control

Ethical Harvest of Plant Materials