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About Southern Rockies Seed Network

Responding to an ever-increasing demand for ecotypic plant materials, the Southern Rockies Seed Network became established in 2014 with a mission “To preserve the genetic integrity of our native flora through regional collaborative planning for plant materials development”.  Prior to 2014, an informal group of federal, state, and local agencies and other entities convened periodic meetings to discuss the need for a regional collaborative effort to improve the diversity and quantity of ecotypic (locally adapted) plant materials for ecological restoration work.  Our board of directors coalesced in the summer of 2014 to develop our mission and define goals and programmatic areas of focus. The Southern Rockies Seed Network (SRSN) is an IRS-designated 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our partners have expanded in recent years to include government entities, non-profit organizations, growers, seed companies, researchers, and others.

Radiating out from Fort Collins, the Southern Rockies Seed Network serves the High Plains, Northwestern Great Plains, and Southern Rockies Ecoregions of Colorado and Wyoming. A few key strategies outlined in our operations plan include:

  1. Facilitate a pooled demand process to build stable and broad-based demand for priority plant materials;
  2. Provide education and technical support for growers to enhance their ability to produce quality plant materials in an economically viable manner;
  3. Facilitate and conduct research to improve our knowledge of the genetic foundations of priority plant materials, seed transfer zones, and other topics related to ecotypic plant materials development.

Three Keystone Programs

The Southern Rockies Seed Network accomplishes our mission through the ongoing management of three programs:


Facilitate public-private-philanthropic partnerships to provide regional planning for the development of prioritized plant materials for ecological restoration, reclamation, habitat improvement, and other conservation projects;


Build capacity among seed growers, nurseries, and seed companies to develop more native plant materials in Colorado and Wyoming; and


Facilitate grow-outs of native seeds and other plant materials for partners.  Develop training and educational materials, and conduct trainings and workshops to enhance our collective knowledge of ecological restoration, plant materials collection, cleaning, and growing, and related topics.